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Couple smiling and standing outside together after online couple's therapy.

Online Couples Therapy

Licensed Therapist in Minnesota and Oregon

Couples Therapy Services

Whether your relationship is new or well-established, navigating life changes, or recovering from a betrayal such as an affair or addiction, patterns of distress and disconnection are evident and consistent. More importantly, the processes of repair and reconnection are equally clear and proven.  I understand what makes a positive impact in couples and marriage counseling, and my training and experience equip me to effectively assist you.

Happy Couple on a couch at therapy

I work with couples who:

•Engage in intense conflicts (such as name-calling, shouting, slamming doors)

•Go days without speaking to each other

•Feel as though their relationship no longer exists

•Fear they may be fundamentally incompatible

•Struggle with setting boundaries or deal with codependency

•Find communication extremely difficult

•Trigger each other due to past traumas

•Live with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or ADHD

•Argue about one partner's substance use

•Have lost trust after a betrayal

•Are seriously contemplating separation or divorce

•Feel there is an unequal distribution of emotional labor in the relationship

•View their problems in vastly different ways

•Have experienced infidelity, whether physical or emotional

Aasect certified sex therapist

Hanna Zipes Basel


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Trusting, open, and responsive relationships are crucial for maintaining lasting love, rekindling lost desire, or rebuilding damaged connections. All humans strive to feel secure with their loved ones, and to feel in control of and competent in their choices. I help individuals recognize how negative patterns affect their relationships and emotional lives, reconnect with their own needs and those of their partners, and reclaim their emotional safe haven with each other.

Relationship distress and recovery follow predictable patterns for understandable reasons. Imagine how you envision your relationship or marriage. How do you want to communicate? How do you want to be as a partner or spouse? Utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy and other effective approaches, I can help you reclaim your relationship and transform it into the partnership you've always desired.


Couples Therapy Resources

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