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Hanna Zipes Basel


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

I’m Hanna, and I help couples just like you: ones that have it within them to change their relationship into one where both people feel understood, accepted, and cared for, but they just need the support to get there. I come to this work with a belief in people, in possibilities, and in the power of relationships. I work from the perspective that healing happens in a positive environment, and that relationships are sustained through love, laughter, presence, humanity, acceptance, and solidarity. 

I help my clients find emotional closeness, confidence, and security in their relationships by equipping them with the tools they need to understand each other better, and talk about difficult topics in a more easy and comfortable way.

Many of today’s solutions for couples are based on quick tips for how to communicate better without working the underlying causes of  emotional disconnection in the relationship. These quick tips may lead to some positive change, but the change often doesn't last very long -- leading so many to feel hopeless that their relationship can improve long term. I know that your circumstances are unique, so I stay with you through each step as you work to create long-term and lasting change based on the underlying patterns in your relationship.

First, we figure out the patterns or relationship cycles that are causing the problems in your marriage. Then, we work on helping change those patterns by developing communication and listening skills that will be most effective for you. Through our work together, you’ll be  able to repair past hurts and develop new patterns  that lead to a deeper sense of closeness, security, and bonding in the relationship.

My training to become an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist means I have the expertise you need and deserve when improving your marriage. But at the end of the day, you want to know you’re working with someone who “gets” what it means to be in a marriage struggling with anxiety, loneliness, and miscommunication, right?

I get it because I've lived it myself. I know that frustration of trying everything in relationships and somehow things are still not going right. It's what led me to devote my career to learning about and helping others improve their relationships. So when we work together, you won’t just get a trained therapist. You’ll get someone who truly understands what you’re going through.


On the personal side: I grew up living in a variety of countries and cultures and I bring a multicultural perspective to my work. I was raised by two writers and storytellers and learned the power of stories and the importance of the Creative Arts at an early age. In undergraduate school I double majored in Art and English Literature. The arts are often more capable of capturing the complexities and the contradictions of our lives. I often find myself working more on the side of art, working with the unknown, rather than on the side of science. I strive towards the embrace of the dialectic and not necessarily towards the dogma. Earlier in my life, I was a pilates and yoga instructor, and I believe in the wisdom of the body and the importance of  examining the relationship between the mind and body. I am committed to continual learning and self -reflection, and I am regularly inspired and humbled by my two spirited children.

Hanna Zipes Basel
Image by Cathy Mü

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