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Ethical Non-Monogamy Therapy

Monogamy is never a given and can sometimes be destructive to the well being of those trying to force themselves into it.

I help couples explore what relationship dynamics are right for them. Maybe you are cognitively on board with consensual non-monogamy, but in practice are experiencing fear, anxiety, and even physical pain. I celebrate radical relationship structures, and understand how complex these ways of loving can be to our attachment systems. I can help you create your own unique roadmap to navigate multi-partner relationships.


Opening up a relationship can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Together, we will explore ways to make this relationship feel safe and secure, as well as exciting and explorative. We will discuss your boundaries, needs, and desires. We will examine socio-cultural narratives about relationships to find what fits and what does not. We will unpack your emotional responses to this experience in order to create a deeper connection between you are your partner(s).


Exploring your relationship values can help you ground into what you really want and need, and create the relationship orientation that is right for you. I have knowledge of many different types and styles of polyamory, non-monogamy, and open relationships. I hold the belief that any type of relationship can be healthy with the consent and honesty of all partners.

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