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Sex Therapy

"Although Sexuality Is Only One Dimension Of A Couple’s Relationship, It Plays A Vital Role In The Overall Quality And Strength Of A Couple’s Emotional Bond."

- Sue Johnson

Issues Addressed In Sex Therapy
• Desire Discrepancy
• Infidelity (Reclaiming Your Sexual Connection)
• Sexual Trauma (Healing from Sexual Abuse or Rape)
• Sexual Interest & Arousal Disorders
• Sexual Pain and Medical / Physical Challenges to Sexual Relationships
• Female Orgasmic Disorder
• Delayed Ejaculation
• Erectile Disorder
• Emotional Disconnection
• Sexless Marriage or Relationship
• Couples Counseling after Sex Addiction Treatment.
• Counseling for Sexual Shame or Fear of Sex
• Therapy for Sex, Sexuality and Spiritual Issues
• Sex After Having a Baby

You are one step closer to relief and fulfillment in your sexual life.

Whatever your sexual concern, there is hope & there is a path forward. Having a safe and welcoming space to talk about sex is so empowering! We’re here to help you access the sexual life you deserve.

Many long-term couples experience a decline in their sexuality after a while, or feel that it’s just not exciting as it used to be. Others struggle to negotiate different levels of desire, where one partner is more interested than the other. The sensitivities many of us have around sex can even become the focus of our fights. It’s easy to feel discouraged and fall into a rut.

Whether work, kids, time or simply life has gotten in the way, it is completely natural to find yourself disconnected from your partner(s). You may even find yourselves incredibly connected, but not quite aligned in the bedroom, or wanting to explore new areas. In couples sex therapy, everything is normal – even your most intimate of fantasies.

Sex therapy can allow you meet your emotional and physical needs by helping you explore new areas and desires, as well as creating a space for you to discuss topics you might be uncomfortable with.

EFT Sex Therapy

EFT sex therapy addresses couples sexual issues from an attachment perspective. It views all emotional and behavioral responses as being based on the desire to either protect against disconnection or attempt to create connection. Sexuality is understood as one of the ways that couples reach and respond to one another to secure their connection. EFT sex therapy applies the same interventions used with all couples therapy, but there is a particular focus on the ways in which their negative interaction cycle is manifested in their sexual relationship. Sexual intimacy is an integration of partners’ emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical connection.  It is a vital and powerful dimension, which cannot be fully addressed without addressing all other dimensions.  EFT sex therapy helps couples understand and address the ways in which each dimension of their relationship is inextricably interwoven with their sexual relationship. Authentic, integrated connection with self and other is the goal.

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.”
– Deepak Chopra

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